Personalized Christmas Ornaments - Baby's First Christmas - Girl #1020GI design and paint each handmade eggshell ornament and personalize by your request. Eggshell Magic Personalized Christmas Ornaments are high quality collectible designs. The gold filigree up-eyes and bottom caps are 10K gold plated and will never tarnish.

Every Eggshell Magic personalized Christmas ornament on this website is priced at $22 + shipping. Personalization and date included. But you are not limited to dates and names. Creative personalization is available at no extra charge.

Each egg ornament comes in a white gift box ready for gift giving.  Each eggshell is hand-painted and hand-brushed with 15 or more layers of polyurethane sealer for high-gloss glass-like beauty and durability.

My personalized Christmas ornaments include Angels, Animals, Babies & Kids, Baby’s First Christmas, Birds, Christian, Classic, Family, Hobby, Music, Occupation, Patriotic, Reindeer, Santa, Scenic, Sports  and Snow People ornaments.

Personalized Christmas Ornaments by Eggshell Magic are not  limited to Christmas Ornaments.

Other holidays and special occasion/event ornaments are Anniversary, Birth, Personalized Easter and Spring Ornaments, Graduation, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Weddings and a few surprises here and there!

Don’t settle for mass produced ornaments when you can give the very BEST! Each eggshell ornament is a uniquely hand-crafted collectible. Designs are continually evolving giving each egg ornament and year it was produced an originality all its own. With 130+ designs I know you’ll find an personalized eggshell ornament you like.

Please add my address to your contacts list before you email me. This will help ensure that my reply gets to your inbox. I check my email several times a day. But email is not 100% reliable, so if you don’t receive my response within 12 hours, please call me with your order.