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Personalized Graduation Ornaments – Hand-Painted on Real Eggshells – Signed & Dated

This highly personalized graduation ornament can be ordered as a hanging ornament (G1415-H)  OR on a permanent stand (G1415-S).  Some customers like to order the hanging ornament (G1415-H) and purchase a separate stand for $6.  Then the ornament can be hung on the Christmas tree, then moved to the curio or mantel for display all year long.

A black mortar board with tassel is painted on the front. The laurel wreath on the back represents achievement.  That is normally where the degree is written.  If it’s a high school graduation, then “Class of <year>” would be written.

This ornament will be your graduate’s treasured keepsake for years to come.  Eggshell Magic is the only place you will find this much customization on a single ornament.

Personalization includes:

  • Graduate’s name
  • Name of high school, college or university
  • Date of graduation, or “Class of [YEAR]”
  • Degree (if college).  Degrees will be abbreviated as B.A., B.S., M.A. Ph.D, etc. 


Graduation Hanging Ornament

 #1415-H – Graduation (front)

Mortar board with tassel and diploma surrounded by greenery. First name on the left side of the diploma.  Last or middle name on the right side.  If you want the graduate’s full name, it can be written under the greenery. The diploma will be left blank.  Email your preference with you order.

Graduation ornaments - back side

 #1415-H Graduation (back)

The laurel wreath – symbolizing victory in achievement – adorns the back where there is plenty of room for personalization.

Graduation ornament on a gold stand

 #1415-S – Graduation (front)

#1415-S is the same design as the one of the far left, except it sits on a gold base.  The gold base is permanently attached.  Is is designed solely to stand and will not hang on a tree.

Commemorative personalized graduation ornaments make a unique and thoughtful gift.  It can be gifted at graduation time or at Christmas and is appreciated because it is a keepsake that will last a lifetime. And best of all, you can bet that your gift will not be duplicated because it so unique.

Eggshell Magic personalized graduation ornaments carry my signature, can be dated with the year and personalized with the name of the recipient. Each eggshell is hand-painted and hand-brushed with 15 or more layers of polyurethane sealer for high-gloss glass like beauty and durability.

Best of all, they are affordable! Every Eggshell Magic keepsake ornament on this page is priced at $22 + shipping.  No hidden costs! Personalization is included and each egg comes with a white gift box ready for gift giving.

Don’t settle for mass produced ornaments when you can give the very BEST! Each eggshell ornament is a uniquely hand-crafted collectible. Designs are continually evolving giving each egg ornament and year it was produced an originality all its own. With 100+ designs I know you’ll find an personalized eggshell ornament you like.



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