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Personalized Patriotic Christmas Ornaments – Hand-Painted on Real Eggshells – Signed & Dated

On September 11, 2001. I sat at my paint desk watching the news and the replays of the twin-towers falling. With numbness in my body and heart, I had lost all interest in painting, or doing anything for that matter. After the initial shock, I felt inspired to paint something that encouraged patriotism and our appreciation of American freedom.  The “American Flag” “Hurry Home” and “Santa’s Tribute” were born out of 9/11. They became a part of my personalized patriotic Christmas ornaments collection.  Let us never forget that day, lest we lose our freedoms forever.  My most recent design is  “God Bless America.”

God Bess America #1125

 #1125 – God Bless America

Heart shaped flag with 50 stars and 13 stripes. A blue/white ribbon stretches around the back. It reads “God Bless America.” 

American Flag #1117

 #1117 – American Flag

Authentically detailed with 50 stars and 13 stripes.

Santa's Tribute #1270

 #1270 – Santa’s Tribute

Santa proudly holding the American Flag of the United States of America..

Hurry Home -Yellow Ribbon #1136

 #1134 – Hurry Home

American flag and wreath with  a yellow ribbon symbolizes “Hurry Home.” Another wreath is painted on the back for a name and/or short personalized message.

All Eggshell Magic personalized patriotic Christmas ornaments carry my signature, can be dated with the year and personalized with the name of the recipient. Each eggshell is hand-painted and hand-brushed with 15 or more layers of polyurethane sealer for high-gloss glass like beauty and durability.

Best of all, they are affordable! Every Eggshell Magic keepsake ornament on this page is priced at $22 + shipping.  No hidden costs! Personalization is included and each egg comes with a white gift box ready for gift giving.

Don’t settle for mass produced ornaments when you can give the very BEST! Each eggshell ornament is a uniquely hand-crafted collectible. Designs are continually evolving giving each egg ornament and year it was produced an originality all its own. With 130+ designs I know you’ll find an personalized eggshell ornament you like.

And remember, Personalized Christmas Ornaments by Eggshell Magic are not limited to Christmas ornaments.  Click on the Special Occasions menu to find designs for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and Halloween. Also Wedding, Anniversary and Graduation ornaments are all part of the Eggshell Magic design collection.  


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