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Personalized Bird Christmas Ornaments – Hand-Painted on Real Eggshells – Signed & Dated

Personalized bird Christmas ornaments from Eggshell Magic are the ideal gift for your favorite bird lover.

Did you know swans mate for life? What a beautiful gift for couples – young and old.  I have sold many swan couple ornaments as First Christmas Together gifts.  I hope you find the perfect bird Christmas ornament for your Christmas tree.  Choose from  red birds, owls, swans, robins, cardinals, partridges, doves, humming birds, penguins,  snow woodpeckers and pink flamingos!   Your recipient will be awed by such a unique gift.

Pink flamingos #1118

 #1118 – Pink Flamingos

Two pink flamingos embracing the love of Christmas and each other.

Woodpecker in Snow - #1395

 #1395 – Woodpecker in Snow

Woodpecker perched on a snowy branch surrounded by bright red berries.

Peace Dove #1195

 #1195 – Peace Dove

White dove with olive branch in beak.

Love Doves #1142

 #1142 – Love Doves

Kissing doves under the mistletoe. Perfect for couples of all ages.

Penguin Couple #1200

 #1200 – Penguin Couple

For couples or anyone who loves penguins.

Humming Birds - #1135

 #1132 – Humming Birds

Three brightly colored humming birds flutter around a holly wreath.

Owl #1187

 #1187 –  Owl 

Owl perched on snowy branch with full moon in the background. He sports a stylish red scarf.

Cardinal #1220 SOLD OUT

 #1220 – Cardinal

Christmas cardinal eloquently poised on a snowy branch.

Partridge in a Pear Tree - #1190

 #1190 – Partridge in a Pear Tree

Partridge sits on a pear tree branch. Sparkly ornament balls add the Christmas touch to this classic ornament.

Swan Couple #1335

 #1335 – Swan Couple

Swan couple with wreaths around their necks. Swans mate for life. A perfect gift for any couple..

All Eggshell Magic personalized bird Christmas ornaments carry my signature, can be dated with the year and personalized with the name of the recipient. Each eggshell is hand-painted and hand-brushed with 15 or more layers of polyurethane sealer for high-gloss glass like beauty and durability.

Best of all, they are affordable! Every Eggshell Magic keepsake ornament on this page is priced at $22 + shipping.  No hidden costs! Personalization is included and each egg comes with a white gift box ready for gift giving.

Don’t settle for mass produced ornaments when you can give the very BEST! Each eggshell ornament is a uniquely hand-crafted collectible. Designs are continually evolving giving each egg ornament and year it was produced an originality all its own. With 130+ designs I know you’ll find an personalized eggshell ornament you like.

And remember, Personalized Christmas Ornaments by Eggshell Magic are not limited to Christmas ornaments.  Click on the Special Occasions menu to find designs for Birth, Wedding, Anniversary and Graduation ornaments.  Other Holidays will take you to Easter, Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day Valentine’s Day ornaments. All are part of the Eggshell Magic design collection.  


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