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Personalized Animal Christmas Ornaments – Hand-Painted on Real Eggshells – Signed & Dated


What is the favorite animal of the friends and relatives on your gift list? My personalized animal Christmas ornaments collection includes deer, cats, dogs, elephant, frog, dolphins, horses, panda, pig, cow, dinosaur, ladybug, turtle, and unicorn .  And for an all-in-one there is Noah’s Ark!

I wish I could paint every animal, but I’ve narrowed it down to a few designs that are customer favorites.  I hope you find one you like.  If you are looking for BIRD ornaments, please checkout my BIRD category which deserves a whole gallery of its own.

Elephant #1116

 #1116 – Elephant

Elephant proudly showing off his candy cane.

Christmas Piggy #1203

 #1203 – Christmas Piggy

Pink pig donning a Santa hat. Give your pig lover a unique ornament for their tree.

Lady Bug #1138

 #1138 – Lady Bug

Adorable little lady bug with huge eyelashes.

Cat by Fire #1070

 #1070 – Cat by the Fire

Kitty by the fireplace on Christmas Eve. Flames all aglow.  I normally keep black, grey, white and yellow kitties in stock. Please let me know which you prefer.

Cat in Window #1080

 #1080 – Window Cat

Greykitty on the windowsill on a snowy night. I sometimes have yellow, white or black cats in stock.  Please inquire.

Heavenly Pup #1215

 #1215 – Heavenly Pup

Blonde puppy with halo. Paws folded looking up at star.

Panda Bear #1189

 #1189 – Panda Bear

Panda holding a candy cane..

Christmas Cow #1012

 #1012 – Christmas Cow

Black and white cow on a candy apple red background.

Dinosaur #1111 SOLD OUT

 #1111 – Dinosaur

Whimsical green dino on a candy apple red background.

Christmas Turtle #1385

 #1385 – Turtle

Whimsical turtle with multicolored shell holding an ornament ball.

Dolphin Duo #1112

 #1112 – Dolphin Duo

Cute dolphin pair. Makes a great gift for your BFF or a couple 

Christmas Frog #1117

 #1117 –  Frog

Whimsical green frog dons his Santa hat

Horses - Mare and Fold #1130

 #1130 – Mare & Fold

Silhouette of mare and fold. A horse lover’s favorite.

Pink Unicorn #1388

 #1388 – Pink Unicorn

Mystical unicorn painted in pink and purple tones.

Puppy and Package #1210

 #1210 – Puppy & Package

Playful blonde pup beside a bright foiled red package.

Deer in Snow #1110

 #1110 – Deer in Snow

Two does relaxing in a snowy cove. A decorated tree in the background.

Noah's Ark #1182

 #1182 – Noah’s Ark

Giraffe, zebra, elephant and lion all aboard the ark. Dove flies overhead. The rainbow is God’s promise of his love.

Heart & Paws #1126

 #1126 – Heart & Paws

This is my signature Eggshell Magic (EM) ornament created to celebrate the love between pets and their human. Personalize with the name of your fur baby whose paws have left footprints on your heart. Two red paws are painted on the back.  

All Eggshell Magic personalized animal Christmas ornaments carry my signature, can be dated with the year and personalized with the name of the recipient. Each eggshell is hand-painted and hand-brushed with 15 or more layers of polyurethane sealer for high-gloss glass like beauty and durability.

Best of all, they are affordable! Every Eggshell Magic keepsake ornament on this page is priced at $22 + shipping.  No hidden costs! Personalization is included and each egg comes with a white gift box ready for gift giving.

Don’t settle for mass produced ornaments when you can give the very BEST! Each eggshell ornament is a uniquely hand-crafted collectible. Designs are continually evolving giving each egg ornament and year it was produced an originality all its own. With 130+ designs I know you’ll find an personalized eggshell ornament you like.

And remember, Personalized Christmas Ornaments by Eggshell Magic are not limited to Christmas ornaments.  Click on the Other Holiday menu to find designs for Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, and Halloween. Click the Special Occasions Menu for Wedding, Anniversary and Graduation ornaments.  


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