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I discovered the joy of egg painting and decorating in 1979 when Clara Lee, a friend and local egg artist gave me a family egg at Christmas. 

I was absolutely awe-stricken by it’s beauty and intricate detail. Never did I think I could produce egg art so exquisite. With never ending patience, she taught me egg artistry techniques that we have improved on through the years.  In my first months of egg painting and decorating, Clara would ask “Have you dreamed about eggs yet?”  When I could finally say “yes,” she replied, “OK, now you’re hooked!”  Yep.  Hooked indeed!

Susan Willard- - painted decorated eggs

Susan Willard

For many years, I sold through local retail stores and craft shows.  When I got brave enough to experiment with the internet, a small local hobby grew into a website gallery where I could offer my ornaments to a wider audience.

Although I work a full-time “real” job at a local college, egg painting and decorating is my passion. When time allows, I enjoy carving and embellishing eggs with figurines, rhinestones and trim to present as gifts to family and friends. An egg is a blank canvas that can be designed into anything a creative mind can dream up. My best design ideas come from my customers, so if you have an idea for the “most fabulous egg design ever!” I’d love to hear it!

Egg painting and decorating is an ongoing blessing in my life.  It has opened many opportunities for friendships and allowed me some memorable egg experiences.  My favorite being a trip to Washington, D.C. to see my egg on  display at the White House Visitors center, meeting First Lady Laura Bush, and  egg artists from 44 states.

I am very honored that you have visited and hope you find that perfect design right here at Eggshell Magic.

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